With one voice and an old guitar, Shaun Abbott can transform a room. His roots lie heavily in true, old-fashioned country: Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings, and George Strait. At a young age he knew just what he wanted to do with his life and began playing the piano. Abbott didn’t stop there; he further taught himself how to play guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin and drums— all the while writing his own songs. After snagging a few first-place prizes for guitar and vocals and playing at the Tennessee Valley Fair in 2013, Shaun has continued to finely tune his stage presence and song-writing skills. A few of his on-stage contemporaries have been John Michael Montgomery, Chase Rice, Luke Combs, Corey Smith, and Josh Thompson. 
 Since the release of his debut album "Livin' for Today," Abbott has remained humble and appreciative through every step he has taken on his destined path. He is unshaken and unstoppable in fulfilling his dream of performing on the same stages as his idols. Abbott kick started his career when he released his hit song “Goin’ Out Tonight.” This tune is one that gets everyone in the room raising their glass and singing every word. His music since then has not fallen short of that high bar, with his newest single “Never Have This Night Again” being released on 05/04/18. Abbott continues to gain new fans and new stages to perform on. From New York to Key West, Abbott has people cheering him on all across the Eastern coast. Abbott is the type of artist who can easily draw a crowd of thousands and bring them to their feet, but at the same time can connect a group of fifty people together in intimate southern unity. Shaun Abbott is one who understands that country music carries a heavy burden. Country songs have to tell a story; they carry the power to mend broken things; they allow us to reminisce, and all the while, the storyteller has to remain wholesome. Country music is an open book, and Shaun Abbott is one of its timeless authors.  Artists have to learn the talent of not only moving their audience emotionally, but moving their boots and their hips alike. Shaun Abbott has the gift, the desire, and the accountability to sing from the heart and provide the stories that carry us along when life needs a melody.